Prieston Capital's (Certified Loan Underwrite Program (CLUP®) is designed to evaluate the controls that pertain to the detection and prevention of misrepresentation during the lending process as well as the risks, by among other things, patent risk scoring review and provides training assessments and peer-to-peer analytics for Lenders, Investors and Vendors.

Additionally, Prieston Capital offers an independent, objective, expert review of your origination policies and procedures and benchmarks them against industry best practices.

The patented risk scoring allows lenders to:

  • Predict repurchase risk
  • Determine potential financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Manage risk on new as well as old business
  • Patent No. 7707103 B2 for the proprietary methodology of Rating Lenders based on best practices, claims, operational, experience, fraud and quality control prevention, repurchase history is all included in over 800 data elements
  • CLUP® provides an inexpensive self assesment of a lender's operational practice

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